Robot Resurrection


Robot Resurrection is towering 30 foot tall, human piloted, articulating, fire shooting sculpture made from 90% recycled materials and reclaimed airplane parts. From the torso cockpit, the operator(s) manipulate the Robot’s motions and fire effects. Night time displays include lasers and various lighting effects.

The Robot is a modular structure comprised of the trailer base, legs, torso, arms and head. Each piece is attached to the next with grade 8 steel bolts. It is assembled horizontally and lifted/lowered into vertical position with a winch that is attached to the box truck and then removed. The legs of the Robot are attached to the base with a 6’ long steel hinge.

The Robot has a wireless network with mobile operation to allow participants to control the Robot from the ground, with supervision. All propane lines are custom made from ⅜” stainless steel tubing with flare JCM fittings, with an operating pressure of 30 psi. The two 20 lb. propane bottles are housed in the steel feet of the Robot, each with its own ¼ turn shut off valve. The moving parts of the Robot are 12’ from the ground so they are safely away from audiences. All motion is limited for safety by proximity sensors located in each actuator. Each motion has its own solenoid valve and operates on a 12v fused system. There are 2 separate joystick controllers that control all the arm motions. The head rotates side to side and up and down manually.

Each shoulder has a high torque winch motor to rotate the arms up and down. Just inside each armpit is a pivot point with a pneumatic cylinder to move the arm in and out. The elbows have have linear actuators to move the forearm up and down. The wrists have small motors inside to rotate the hands 180 degrees. All air cylinders run off one 12v compressor and 2 separate air tanks for sufficient air volume of around 25-40 psi per tank.


Electromechanical Engineering

Year Completed



30' x 12' x 16'


Reclaimed aluminum airplane parts, steel, LEDs, propane